About Us
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About Us

The Consulate

The Consulate of Tanzania, Perth, Western Australia was opened in 1997 when Mr Didier Murcia was named the Honorary Consul for Tanzania, a position he holds to this day.

The Consulate is based at Murcia Pestell Hillard Lawyers, on Hay Street, Perth, and the main function is to issue Single-Entry Tourist Visas.

Our support

In 2004, Tanzanian Honorary Consul, Mr Didier Murcia, established Rafiki Surgical Missions (Rafiki). Rafiki’s mission is to help Tanzania deal with its reconstructive surgery needs whilst at the same time assist in capacity building through the transfer of surgical, anaesthetic, physiotherapy and nursing skills to medical professionals in Tanzania.

In an effort to help alleviate severe shortages in medical and hospital equipment, Rafiki also aims to provide much-needed equipment to hospitals and medical facilities in Tanzania.

In addition to Rafiki, Mr Murcia also established Australia Tanzania Society (ATS). ATS is now the overarching organisation for our volunteer groups based in Perth, Western Australia.